Hypnosis for Anxiety

Looking for anxiety therapy that puts you back in control?

At Nat Lynn Mind Therapy, we offer anxiety hypnotherapy, which is hypnosis for anxiety disorders and anxiety symptoms in Brisbane Southside.

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I'm Nat Lynn

Experienced Brisbane hypnotherapist treating anxiety symptoms and other mental health conditions

I'm thrilled to welcome you to Nat Lynn Mind Therapy, based in the heart of Brisbane Southside. As a professionally qualified hypnotherapist and a proud alumna of The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors and The Mind Academy, I'm dedicated to guiding you through your journey towards emotional wellness and personal transformation.

I believe that every individual deserves a tailored approach to overcoming anxiety. With my extensive training and personal experience, I use a blend of NLP, counselling, and hypnotherapy to create a personalised anxiety therapy that resonates with you.

My methods are designed to align with your unique needs, ensuring a more effective and personalised therapy experience.

Master Clinical Hypnotherapist
Master NLP Practitioner
Life & Success Counsellor & Coach

About hypnotherapy for anxiety disorders

At Nat Lynn Mind Therapy, we specialise in hypnotherapy for anxiety. Anxiety hypnotherapy offers a unique and effective approach to managing and overcoming the challenges of anxiety disorders. But hypnosis for anxiety isn't just a therapy for treating anxiety; it's a transformative experience that aligns your unconscious mind with your conscious desires, empowering you to
live a life free from the constraints of anxiety by reducing your anxiety symptoms.
Start your journey towards a more fulfilling and anxiety-free life today by calling or texting the below number for an initial conversation.

Why choose hypnotherapy for anxiety?

Anxiety can impact every aspect of life, and reducing anxiety symptoms can greatly improve your work, home life, relationships, friendships, and many other areas of daily life. Hypnotherapy for anxiety is not just about coping strategies; it's about fundamental change for the better.

Through anxiety hypnotherapy, we access your subconscious mind, the control panel of your thoughts and behaviours, to initiate deep and lasting change and treat anxiety as well as its causes.

My approach to anxiety therapy

My approach to anxiety therapy is deeply personal and empathetic. With qualifications in Counselling, NLP, and Clinical Transformational Hypnotherapy, combined with my own life experiences, I offer a holistic and effective approach to anxiety hypnotherapy.

Whether you're dealing with;

  • overwhelming anxiety
  • negative beliefs
  • aftermath of life transitions like divorce or career changes
  • generalised anxiety disorder symptoms
  • any other anxiety related mental health difficulty

I'm here to support and guide you.

Through a series of safe, and controlled hypnosis sessions, I'll work to help you unlock the way forward to treat anxiety triggers that may be contributing to your everyday stressors.

Therapist, Nat, sitting down and smiling looking at the camera

How hypnosis for anxiety works

During our hypnosis for anxiety sessions, your brain enters an alpha state, similar to the natural pre-sleep state. This state quiets conscious thinking and opens the subconscious, allowing us to make permanent changes. We'll work together through timeline therapy and regression therapy, revisiting and reinterpreting past events through the lens of your current self. This process helps stop automatic reactions that are no longer serving you.

Your experience at Nat Lynn Mind Therapy: Here's how it works

Your hypnosis journey with me will be a safe, comfortable, and collaborative experience. We start with an initial consultation to understand your unique challenges with your anxiety disorder or other stress related disorders, as well as your goals and current state of mental health.

I'll give you more information on what I suggest we cover in your first hypnotherapy session, based on our discussion and the key areas you'd like to address, and give you more information on what to expect during your hypnosis session and the time following your first session.

During this consultation, you can ask me whatever questions you'd like, however here's a bit of information on what you can expect with my anxiety hypnotherapy treatments:

I'm here for you and happy to provide the information you need

I understand that trying something new, like hypnotherapy for anxiety, can be daunting. That's why I offer free over-the-phone consultations and provide recordings of sessions upon request. I'm always happy to talk through your concerns or fears going into a session, and am here to reassure you that it's not as daunting as you may think.

Our hypnosis anxiety therapy is about understanding and effectively addressing your concerns, providing clarity, and ensuring a comfortable and transformative experience. Hypnotherapy for anxiety treatments are gentle psychological interventions that help treat anxiety disorders and their symptoms in an emotionally safe way.

Commitment to excellence in hypnotherapy

At Nat Lynn Mind Therapy, we pride ourselves on the quality of our services.

Our approach to anxiety hypnotherapy is comprehensive, combining NLP, counselling, coaching, and hypnosis for a tailored and holistic approach.

We are associated with renowned institutions like the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors and The Mind Academy, ensuring that our methods are up-to-date and effective.

When you choose ARC Mind Therapy for your anxiety hypnotherapy sessions, you can trust that you're in good hands and being treated by an experienced and qualified hypnotherapist.

What to expect during a session of hypnosis for anxiety therapy

During our sessions, you'll be guided into a relaxed state, where we'll employ various techniques like suggestion therapy and cognitive-behavioural techniques to address your anxiety. This process is not just about relaxation; it's about empowering you to make healthier decisions and improve your self-esteem.

What to expect in our hypnotherapy clinic

At Nat Lynn Mind Therapy, you'll find a beautiful and welcoming space that encourages self-improvement rather than focusing on problems. I'm passionate about helping you to overcome the biggest challenges that are faced by people with an anxiety disorder, and I've 'got your back' throughout this process.

As someone who has thrived through life's challenges, including midlife transitions, divorce, and co-parenting, I bring not only my professional expertise but also my personal understanding and empathy to each session.

You can expect to feel heard, supported, safe, and informed, as I guide you through safe clinical hypnosis to get to the bottom of your anxiety symptoms and help you to gain control of your physical symptoms by doing the important work with your subconscious mind.

Ready to take control of your anxiety symptoms and your life?

If you're ready to overcome anxiety and transform your life, I invite you to join me at Nat Lynn Mind Therapy for personalised anxiety hypnotherapy that focuses on you. Together, we'll work towards a more peaceful, empowered, and fulfilling life for you.

Contact us today for your free consultation and take the first step towards a life free from anxiety.

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